It’s About Time for OYESource eLearning Platform

It’s About Time for OYESource eLearning Platform

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From the early days of OYESource in December 2015, the original idea was to build a place for students to easily access academic material at no cost, in other for students to excel with distinction.

Fast-forward to 2019, a lot has happened in-between and the strategies have changed, but one thing remains the same and I’ve always cherished the idea I had about making OYESource an educative platform, while we are free to diverge through our other brand.

Funny Enough…

Since the idea of eLearning as stood out in my mind as far back as 2017, if I can count accurately, I have designed and developed the OYESource eLearning platform for more than four (4) times but never really made use of it (for many reasons).

The Wait is Finally Over

OYESource elearning platform is to launched this week (date unknown) and do you know what is called instincts?

I’ve always had this strong gut feeling that the OYESource eLearning marketplace idea is really needed in Nigeria and Africa

I may not be able to provide data to complement my claim, but I just know I’m right, and it’s cool that my journey so far have made me amaze everything needed to start with. But of course to grow and continue to wax stronger, I’ll need more than I start with (especially strong-skilled team).

And a whole lot of systems, business, management, branding, customers/user and all that.

But this time let me just start, everything needed will come along the way, afterall, it’s a journey not a destination, once which I believe will be a blessing to humanity while archiving the mission of the OYESource Empire.

What is the Goal of OYESource eLearning?

The target for OYESource is to be the best eLearning marketplace helping individuals and business to acquire personal, career, business skills in order to possess the skills needed to Live their Dreams.

So stay with me as I’ll love to share the experience and the journey of becoming with you.

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David Oladejo
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