David Oladejo

I live in a small town somewhere in the world. I’m a growing Entrepreneur, founder of OYESource & Davidollad Wox plus I run an entertainment biz: OSCEntz | I’m Learning & Documenting How to Build an Empire.

What is OYESource Empire

What is OYESource Empire?

From the early days of OYESource in December 2015, the original idea I had was to build a place for students to easily access academic material at no cost, in other for students to excel with distinction. Fast forward to 2019, (about 4 years after)...

What if I Let Go and Go Public?

I was listening to Crushing it by Gary Vernurchuck, and he talked about how DJ Khaleed made the best use of Snapchat and it got me thinking out loud via my WhatsApp Status. Eleanor Roosevelt said: Do one thing every day that scares you. Somehow, I...

The Entrepreneur Me

Founded ????OYESource Empire & ???? DavidolladWox
Running ???? Entertainment at OSCEntz. Partner at STBI
βž• I’m learning & Documenting My Journey